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Flute Master, The for Treble Recorder

Flute Master, The for Treble Recorder

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Erich Doflein & Nikolaus Delius' collection of 37 mostly anonymous 18th century pieces for unaccompanied treble recorder (or flute or oboe). c. Grade 3-5 standard. 

Anon. arr. Doflein & Delius - {Air}; Air; Allemande; Allmand in F; Allmand in G minor; Brisk Air; French Minuet; Gavot in C no.1; Gavott in C no.2; Gavott in G; Gavott in G minor; Hornpipe; Jigg; Minuet in F; Minuet in G minor; Minuet in A minor no.1; Minuet in A minor no.2; New March;Overture; Rigadoon; Round O Jigg; Trumpet Air; Two Italian Ariettas - Allmand + Corrant

Bononcini - Prelude

Carey - Jigg

Deane - Solo

Mattox - Minuet

Trad. arr. Doflein & Delius - At Winchester was a Wedding; Bonny Bush; Daemons Dance, The; Ghosts of Ev'ry Occupation; Scotch Tune in C no. 1; Scotch Tune in C no.2; Scotch Tune in G; Song Tune; Spinning Wheel Tune

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