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Second Book of Trumpet Solos - Miller & Wallace

Second Book of Trumpet Solos - Miller & Wallace

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Second Book of Trumpet Solos ed. + arr. for Bb trumpet + piano accompaniment for Faber by John Miller & John Wallace. This book is aimed at players with a firm grasp on technique at Grade 5-7 standard. Set for Trinity Examinations 2019-25 Trumpet Grade 4 (Group A: Arban) & Grade 6 (Group A - Tchaikovsky) & Trinity Music Certificate: Trumpet Intermediate (Skryabin).

Anon. arr. Wallace + Miller - Het Sneeker Klokspel (Dutch); Marche BWV Anhang 127

Arban - Vois-Tu La Neige Qui Brille?

Brahms - Der Schmied Op.19 No.4

Chopin - Prelude op. 28 no.4; Prelude op. 28 no.20

Dupuis - Trumpet Voluntary

Elgar - Idylle

Farnaby - Giles Farnaby's Dreame

Grieg - Halling op. 47 no.4

Hummel - Hunting Party, The; Noble Savage, The [Indian Rondo]

Joplin - Maple Leaf Rag

Skryabin - Prelude op. 3 no.1;Prelude op. 67 no.1

Tchaikovsky - Chanson Napolitane op. 39 no.18

Wallace - Ballad Of The Southern Eskimo; Moose Is Loose, The

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