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Elgar - Sea Pictures - voice + piano

Elgar - Sea Pictures - voice + piano

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This 1899 Elgar song-cycle of sea-related lyrics for mezzo/contralto + piano accompaniment (reduced from the original orchestral version), op. 37, is set for DipABRSM & ARSM (Mezzo-Soprano, Contralto + Countertenor: In Haven) + LRSM (Mezzo-Soprano, Contralto + Countertenor: Sea Slumber-Song or Where Corals Lie) + FRSM (Sabbath Morning at Sea) + ATCL (Sea Slumber-Song) & FTCL (Group B: Sabbath Morning at Sea). Boosey & Hawkes.

In Haven (Capri): C (c'-c")

Sabbath Morning at Sea: C (b/c'-f"/g")

Sea Slumber-Song: E minor/major (g/b-d")

Swimmer, The: D (a-f"/a")

Where Corals Lie: D (a#/d'-d")

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