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Abracadabra Clarinet + 2 CDs

Abracadabra Clarinet + 2 CDs

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The most popular basic clarinet tutor that we sell, based on melodies familiar to children. Jonathan Rutland, A.C.Black, 3rd edition 2008, includes 2 backing CDs.

American Patrol - Meacham

Andrew Mine, Jasper Mine - trad.

Apples and Pears - Page

Ash Grove, The - trad.

Au Clair de Lune (In The Moonlight) - trad.

Away in a Manger - Kirkpatrick

Bear Went Over the Mountain, The - trad.

Berceuse D'Auvergne (Duet) - trad.

Blue Lagoon - Pinder

Blue Mist - Sedda

Bourée [Music fir the Royal Fireworks] (Duet) - Handel

Breakdance - Fuest

Brother James' Air - Bain

Bushes and Briars - trad.

Buttercup - trad.

Canon [Mikrokosmos] (Duet) - 2 - Bartok

Cat, The [Peter & the Wolf] - Prokofiev

Checkmate - Rutland

Clementine - trad.

Clown Dance - trad.

Coal-Hole Cavalry (duet) - Edwards

Come and Sing Together (Round) - trad.

Consider Yourself [Oliver!] - Bart

Cool - Rutland

Country Gardens - trad.

Cuckoo, A - trad.

Curious Tortoise (Duet) - Pinder

Czech Dance - trad.

Daisy Bell - Dacre

Deck The Hall - trad.

Donkey in the Rain - Pinder

Duet (Duet) - Ozi

Duo (Duet) - Berr

Earwig Crunch - Sedda

Easy - Sedda

Eggy Bread - Pinder

El Condor Pasa - trad.

Entertainer, The - Joplin

Fais Do-do - trad.

Feed Me - Pinder

Frere Jacques (Round) - trad.

Frog In My Throat - Fuest

Gavotte (Duet) - Hook

Grand Old Duke of York, The - trad.

Go, Tell It on the Mountain - trad.

Golden Peacock, The - trad.

Hail the Conquering Hero [Judas Maccabeus] (duet) - Handel

Ha-tikvah - trad.

Hey, Little Bull - trad.

Hills of the North Rejoice - Shaw

Holly and the Ivy, The - trad.

Home! Sweet Home - Bishop

Hornpipe [Water Music] (Duet) - Handel

Hot Cross Buns - trad.

Humming Song - Schumann

Huron Indian Carol - trad.

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside - Glover-Kind

I Wonder as I Wander - trad.

In Paris - Armstrong

Jigsaw - Page, L & R

Keep On Running - Sedda

Khayana - trad.

King of Love My Shepherd Is, The (Duet) - trad.

Kol Dodi - trad.

Kookaburra (Round) - Sinclair

Last of the Summer Wine - Hazlehurst

Lilliburlero - trad.

Little Augustine & Come Dancing (Partner Pieces/duet) - trad.

Little Boxes - Reynolds

Little John - trad.

London's Burning (Round) - trad.

Lord of All Hopefulness - trad.

Love Me Tender - trad.

Lullaby of the Spinning Wheel - Durrant

Lyke Wake Dirge, The - trad.

MacPherson's Farewell - trad.

Mango Walk - trad.

March of the Kings (Duet) - trad.

Merrily We Roll Along - trad.

Miller of Dee, The - trad.

Minuet (Duet) - Mozart

Mocking Bird, The - trad.

Morning Has Broken - trad.

Morningtown Ride (Duet) - Reynolds

Must I Be Bound? - trad.

My Grandfather's Clock - Work

Night Prowler - Pinder

Noel Nouvelet - trad.

Now the Day is Over (duet & solo versions) - Baring-Gould

O Little One Sweet - Scheidt

Ode to Joy [Symphony 9] - Beethoven

Off to France in the Morning - Davey

Oh My Darling, Clementine

Oh Soldier, Soldier - trad.

Oh! Susanna (duet) - trad.

Old French Song - Tchaikovsky

Old Joe Clark (Duet) - trad.

Old MacDonald (Duet) - trad.

Old Shepherd, The - Page

One Man Went to Mow - trad.

One-Legged Chicken - Pinder

Oom Pah Pah [Oliver!] - Bart

Oranges and Lemons (duet) - trad.

Over the earth is a mat of - trad.

Over The Hills And Far Away - trad.

Patapan (Duet) - trad.

Pease Pudding - trad.

Plaisir D'amour - Martini

Portsmouth (Duet) - trad.

Prairie Call - Pinder

Puff the Magic Dragon - Yarrow + Upton

Rakes of Mallow - trad.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Round) - trad.

Sadness - Rutland, L

Salad Days (Duet) - Rutland, J

Santa Lucia - trad.

Scarborough Fair - trad.

Setting Out - Rutland, J

Shanty Tune - trad.

Shepherds' Hey - trad.

Silent Night - Gruber

Sing This Song (Round) - trad.

Skye Boat Song (Duet) - trad.

Sleep My Baby - trad.

Smooth Mover - Fuest

Solothurn - trad.

Song of the Volga Boatmen - trad.

Sorcerer's Apprentice theme, The - Dukas

Southwell - trad. hymn tune

St. Anthony Chorale - Haydn (attrib.)

Strolling Along - Rutland, Lorna

Suo-gân - trad. Welsh lullaby

Susan & Catherine - trad.

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot - trad.

Take Your Partners (Duet) - Pinder

Ten Chimney Pots - Gosling

Thank U Very Much - McGear

Three Blind Mice (Round) - trad.

Tura-Lai-Ay - trad.

Turpin Hero - trad.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Duet) - trad.

Tyrolean Wedding - Vernau

Upidee - trad.

Water is Wide, The (Duet) - trad.

We Three Kings - Hopkins

When The Saints Go Marching In - trad.

While Shepherds Watched - Tate

Winter Goodbye - trad.

Wobbly Jelly - Pinder

Yes Indeed - Pinder

You Are My Sunshine - Davis & Mitchell

Zig-zag - Pinder

Zion, Me Wan Go Home (Duet) - trad.

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