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Abracadabra Bassoon

Abracadabra Bassoon

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A very popular first tutor book for bassoon by Jane Sebba, based on popular tunes familiar to children. Unaccompanied bassoon. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2022 onwards Bassoon Grade 1 (List A: Dawn chorus or Long-legged life & List C: Chim Chim Cher-ee) & Grade 3 (List B: Swan Lake: introduction) & Trinity Examinations 2022 onwards Bassoon Grade 1 (Group B: Dawn Chorus or Auld Lang Syne or Ha-tikvah), Grade 2 (Group B: Courtly Dance or Portsmouth), Grade 3 (Group B: Mexican Hat Dance) & Grade 4 (Group B: Ride of the Valkyries)

Across the valley - Sebba

American Lullaby - trad.

Andante - Batiste

Ask no questions - Sebba

Au clair de la lune - trad.

Auld Land Syne - trad,

Bassoon, The - Sebba

Bassoonist's Ballet - Sebba

Blue bassoons (trio) - Sebba

Call me a cab - Sebba

Camptown Races (duet) - Foster

Can-Can, The [Orpheus in the Underworld] - Offenbach

Canon - Tallis

Cherubino's aria (duet) [ 'Voi che sapete', Nozze di Figaro] - Mozart

Chim chim cher-ee [Mary Poppins] - Sherman

Clown dance - trad.

Comedy duo (duet) - Sebba

Copycats - 3 versions - Sebba

Courtly Dance - Sebba

Cowardy, cowardy custard - Sebba

Creaky bones - Sebba

Daisy Bell - Dacre

Dance - anon.

Das Fagott - Sebba

Dawn chorus - Sebba

Donkey, The - Sebba

Don't look now! - "trad."

E mail - Sebba

East of India (duet) - Sebba

Easy (duet) - Sebba

Eclipse (duet) - Sebba

Egyptian dance - trad.

Electronic engineer - Sebba

Es up, knees up - Sebba

Exercise - Sebba

Fais do-do (duet) - trad.

Four-part round - Sebba

From rags to riches (duet) - Sebba

Funny turn (duet) - Sebba

Gavotte - Gossec

Good DEED - Sebba

Goodnight, ladies (duet) - Sebba

Goose on the razzle - Sebba

Ha-tikvah - trad.

Hineh ma tov (round) trad.

Hoe-down - trad.

Homework - Sebba

Hot cross buns - trad.

Il etait un bergere - trad.

In the hall of the Mountain King [Peer Gynt] - Grieg

Irish Washerwoman, The - trad.

Kalinka - trad.

Kookaburra (round) - trad,

Launch of the ocean liner - Sebba

Lazing (duet) - Sebba

Little dove - trad.

Liza Jane - trad.

Long-legged life - trad.

Mangwene mpulele - trad.

Mattachins - trad.

Melody - Rubinstein

Merrily We Roll Along - trad.

Mexican Hat Dance - trad.

Minuet - Bach, J.S.

Mockingbird Song, The - trad.

Moon River - Mancini

Mud, mud, glorious mud - Swann

My bonnie lies over the ocean - trad.

Nellie the elephant (duet) - Butler + Hart

Night they invented champagne, The - Lerner

Nodding armadillo - Sebba

Nodding brontosaurus - Sebba

Nodding dog - Sebba

Nodding off - Sebba

Nodding snake - Sebba

None! - Sebba

Nonesuch (duet) - Sebba

No-sweat duet, The (duet) - Sebba

Nursery nonsense - Sebba

O sole mio - di Capua

Old Joe Clark (duet) - trad.

On the terraces - trad.

One two three off - Sebba

One man went to mow (duet) - trad.

Our old cat (duet) - trad.

Pancake key - Sebba

Pavane - Fauré

Pease pudding hot (duet) - trad.

Pedalling piece - Sebba

Pink Panther, The - Mancini

Portsmouth - trad.

Prelude - Chopin

Ride of the Valkyries (Die Walkure) - Wagner

Rigadoon - Purcell

Row, row, row your boat (round) - trad.

Rumble, rumble, little storm - trad.

Rushing river - Sebba

Saint Paul's steeple - trad.

Satellites - Sebba

Scarborough Fair - trad.

She'll be coming round the mountain - trad.

Silent night (duet) - Gruber

Simple gifts (duet) - trad.

Skye Boat Song - trad.

Slug's retreat, The - Sebba

Sniff - Sebba

Soldiers' Chorus [Faust] - Gounod

Song of the Volga Boatmen - trad. Russian

Sorcerer's Apprentice theme, The - Dukas

Summer is icumen in (round) - trad.

Suo-gan - trad. Welsh

Sur le pont d'Avignon (duet) - trad.

Swan Lake: introduction - Tchaikovsky

Tambourin - Gossec

Theme, Symphony 1 (round) - Mahler

Theme, 'The Great Escape' (duet) - Bernstein, Elmer

There's a chicken on the wall - trad.

This old man - trad.

Thumb twister - Sebba

Time for my tea (round) - Simpson

Tired camel - Sebba

Tongue twister - trad.

Tootin' taxi! (duet/trio) - Perkins 

Turn again, Whittington (round) - trad.

Tweedle-D - Sebba

Two versions (duet) - Sebba

Upon Paul's steeple - trad.

Water is wide, The - trad.

What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor? - trad.

When I'm sixty-four (duet) - Lennon + McCartney

When The Saints Go Marching In - trad.

Who will buy? [Oliver!] - Bart

Wistful thinking - Sebba

Woolly jumpers - Sebba

Yellow Bird - Keith, Bergman + Luboff

Yesterday - Lennon + McCartney

Tags: Bassoon Grade 2; Bassoon Grade 3; Bassoon Grade 4

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