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Ireland - Collected Piano Works - vol.1

Ireland - Collected Piano Works - vol.1

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These authoritative editions of John Ireland's solo piano music present all of his solo piano compositions in chronological order, with corrections on previous editions made by Alan Rowlands and Eric Parkin. S&B, 1976 / 2012. Set for LTCL (Rhapsody)

Decorations (1915) - Island Spell, The; Moonglade; Scarlet Ceremonies, The 

In Those Days (1961) - Daydream & Meridian 

Preludes - Almond Trees, The (1920); Fire of Spring (1917); Holy Boy, The (1917); Obsession (1917); Undertone, The (1918)

Rhapsody (1917)

Sea Idyll, A (1960)

Three Dances (1913) - Country Dance; Gypsy Dance;  Reaper's Dance

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