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Bartók - Duos & Trios for Flute

Bartók - Duos & Trios for Flute

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Bartók pieces originally written for piano selected & arranged by Hywel Davies for flute duo / trio (NB no piano accompaniment). B&H, 2016. Includes CD. 

Duos: Baking Song [For Children 1]
County Fair [Mikrokosmos]
If There Were Cherries, Wedding Song & Blossom [For Children 2]
In Yugoslav Style [Mikrokosmos]
In the Water [For Children 1]
Where Are Your Geese? [For Children 2]
Melody with Accompaniment [Mikrokosmos]
Wooden Shoes [For Children 1]
Duet for Pipes, Diminished 5th & In Folk Song Style [Mikrokosmos]
Dialogue [9 Little Piano Pieces: no.3]
Trios: Carol [Romanian Christmas Carols Set 2: no.7]
Come Home, Lidi [For Children 1]
County Fair [Mikrokosmos]
Round Dance [For Children 1]
Rogue's Song/Sorrow [For Children 2]
Choral & The Lost Couple [For Children 1]
Bulgarian Rhythm no.2 [Mikrokosmos]
Drinking Song [For Children 1]

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