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ABRSM Songbook Book 2, The

ABRSM Songbook Book 2, The

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Selected pieces for voice + piano accompaniment & traditional unaccompanied songs (no arranger listed for these) Original language lyrics + English translations where appropriate. Includes backing CD. Set for ABRSM Examination 2018 onwards Singing Grade 2 (List A: Trad. - Little Boats or I will walk with my love (female voices) or Mallow Fling, The or Oak and the Ash, The or MacLachlan or Roberton + List B: Anderson or Beswick - Twilight - or Jenkyns or Perry or Schubert or Trad. - Coventry Carol, The or Morning Has Broken + List C: Beswick - Coconut Man or Roe)

Anderson - Sweet Nightingale, The: D (d'-e")

Beswick - Coconut Man: F (c'-e"/g") & Twilight: Eb (eb'-eb") [Pick 'n' Choose]

Flies, attrib. Mozart - Wiegenlied / Cradle Song K350: E (e'-e")

Jenkyns - Little Spanish Town, The: E minor (d#'-e")

MacLachlan - Dark Island, The: F (bb-c")

Perry - Frog, The: D (d'-d")

Roberton, arr. - Westering Home: A (c#'-e")

Roe - Poco Poppa Pizza and Mama Piccolo [Most Wanted Faces, The]: D (c#'-d")

Schubert - Wiegenlied / Cradle Song op.98 no.2/D498: F (c'-d")

Shaw - London Birds: F (f'-f")

Trad. - Across The Line (NZ): C (a-c")

All Jolly Fellows (Sussex): E (e'-e")

Blomman Bland Blommorna / Flowers Red & Blue (Sweden): G minor (d'-d")

Chili Lo / Lament (E. Africa): F (f'-d")

Come, My Lads (Cornwall): G (d'-e")

Coventry Carol, The arr. Pilkington (England): G minor (f#'-d")

Drozyna / Lovers' Quarrel, The (Poland): F (d'-d")

En Roulant Ma Boule / Keep the Ball A-Rolling (Canada): C (d'-d")

Forsaken Maiden, The (Devon): D minor (c'-d")

I Will Walk With My Love arr. Hughes (Ireland): F (c'-d")

Kangding Qingge / Kangding Love Song (China): D minor (d'-d")

Little Boats arr. Hughes (Ireland): D minor (d'-d")

Mallow Fling, The arr. Barrett & Bullard (Ireland): E (d#'-e")

Morning Has Broken (Leanabh An Aigh / Child in the Manger) arr. Barrett (Scotland): Db (db'-eb")

Oak and the Ash, The arr. Barrett, & Bullard (England): F minor (c'-eb")

Pentozalis / Cretan Dance Song (Crete): C (g'-e")

Perica (Chile): C (c'-e")

Vse Ticice Lepo Pojo / All the birds they sing so sweetly (Slovenia): G (f#'-c")

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