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Rae - 36 More Modern Studies for Saxophone

Rae - 36 More Modern Studies for Saxophone

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James Rae's studies for any solo saxophone in musical styles varying from modern Classical through to Jazz & Rock are set for ABRSM Examinations 2022 onwards Saxophone Grade 2 (List A: March of the Chipolatas & List C: Crystal Waltz) & Grade 3 (List A: Spinnaker Jig) & Trinity Examinations 2022 onwards Jazz Saxophone Grade 1 (Group B: Rock Formation), Grade 3 (Group B: Ben's Blues), Grade 4 (Group B: Dynamite), Grade 5 (Group B: One O'Clock Shuffle or Exhibit A or Doctor Cool), Grade 6 (Group B: Mambo à la Funk) & Grade 7 (Group B: Hocus Pocus)

Ben's Blues

Beth's Bossa

Blue Waltz


Chocolate Paradise

Climbing the Walls

Coastal Route

Crystal Waltz


Dave's Magic Crumble

Destiny II

Devil's Brew

Doctor Control


Exhibit A

February March

Forbidden Landscape

Hocus Pocus

Hot Noodles


Loops II

Mambo à la Funk

March of the Chiplolatas

Moving Image


One O'clock Shuffle

Pot Luck

Return Flight

Rock Formation

Rock Summit

Scale Force

Spinnaker Jig

Swinger, The

Twister, The

What if ...

Willy Nilly

Tags: Saxophone Grade 2; Saxophone Grade 3; Saxophone Grade 4; Saxophone Grade 5; Saxophone Grade 7; Saxophone Grade 8

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