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Time Pieces for Descant / Soprano Recorder Book 1

Time Pieces for Descant / Soprano Recorder Book 1

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Edited by Kathryn Bennetts & Peter Bowman for descant recorder + piano accompaniment, & set for ABRSM Examinations 2022 onwards Descant / Soprano Recorder Grade 1 (List A: Morley or Schumann + List B: Purcell or Trad. - Spanish Ladies), Grade 2 (List A: Praetorius or Trad. - Marcho Di Rei + List B: Copland or Humperdinck + List C: Bennetts - Pip's Pedal) & Grade 3 (List A: Prokofiev or Susato).

Bach - Bourree [Lute Suite in E Minor BWV996]

Beethoven - Maigesang op.52 no.4

Bennetts, Kathryn - Pip's Pedal; Spring Song

Blavet - La Furstemberg [Premier Recueil de Pieces]

Bowman, Peter - Winter Solstice

Copland arr. - Simple Gifts [Old American Songs set 1]

Hindemith - March [Let's Build A Town]

Humperdinck - Evening Prayer [Hansel & Gretel]

Mendelssohn - Jagdlied op.84 no.3

Morley - Now Is The Month Of Maying

Praetorius - Volte [Terpsichore]

Prokofiev - March [Musique D'Enfants op.65 no.10]

Purcell - Fairest Isle [King Arthur]

Schumann - Soldier's March op.68 no.2 [Album For The Young]

Susato - Basse Danse Bergeret [Musyck Boexken]

Thompson, Peter - Stepping-Out Piper [Suite of Six Pipers]

Trad. - Marcho Di Rei (Provencal); Songs of Kokiriko; Spanish Ladies

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