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Glerorfa, Y CD

Glerorfa, Y CD

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In November 2006 Clera, the Society for the Traditional Instruments of Wales, celebrated its 10th anniversary. During those 10 years the society had concentrated mainly on organising workshops, teaching Welsh melodies & the traditional method of playing them. The 40 musicians who appeared on the Galeri stage in Caernarfon for the anniversary concert were the product of those workshops. The new ensemble needed a name. The Welsh word for orchestra is cerddorfa; Clera is the name of the society, so a combination of both produced Clerorfa. Originally, there were no further plans beyond this single concert, but the enthusiastic response on the night itself meant that the new group simply had to carry on!

Aly Sandwich (The Ploughboy's Song/Aly Grogan/Welsh Rabbit/Rachel of Ty Cam/The Delight of the Men of Dyfi)

Blue Hare, The (A Pile of Shards/Hunting the Hare/The Blue Devils)

Cardis (2 Gardi 3/2 Gardi 2)

Druid, The

Gwenllian (Gwenllian's Lullaby/The Cyfarta March/The Black Crow's Wing)

Hornpiping (Lloyd's Whim/The Cuckoo's Nest/The Dowlais Hornpipe)

Jeff's Set - 2 (Dafydd Rhys' Reverie/Llynnon Mill/Mabsant Jig/Jigolo)

Jeff's Set (The Black Piper/The Lily)

King's Departure, The

Old Favourites (Carol Tune/Cader Idris/The Maid of Penderyn Parish/Farewell to Wales)

Roots (The Banks of Camlad/The Ash Grove (with penillion)/The Figure Eight)

Sea Monster (Sea Monster/Sling Swing/(Mini) Saturday Night)

Trencher (Waltz on a Trencher/The Sow in the Barley/Meat on a Trencher/Dic Siôn Dafydd/Dopsi Môn/The First Day of August)

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