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Songs of the Americas - arr. Jones, Margery Hargest

Songs of the Americas - arr. Jones, Margery Hargest

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Songs from the Americas, mostly traditional: these arrangements by Margery Hargest Jones include the melody line in the piano accompaniment, so they work equally well as piano solos. English lyrics only. B&H Archive M060087695. Includes music set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 1 (List A: Cucaracha, La or Dona, dona or My Grandfather's Clock) + Trinity Examinations 2023 onwards Singing Grade 2 (Group C: Banana Boat Song) & Grade 4 (Group B: Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair )

Angelico [Haiti]: D (c'-e")

Banana Boat Song [West Indies]: D (a-d'')

Carmen, Carmela [Mexico]: F (c'-e")

Clementine [USA]: G (d'-d")

Cucaracha, La [Mexico]: F (c'-d'')

Deep River [USA]: Eb (c'-eb")

Dixie [USA]: D (d'-f#")

Dona Dona - Secunda [South America]: D minor (d'-c'')

Donkey Riding [USA]: F (f'-f")

Drill, Ye Tarriers - Casey [USA]: Eb (c'-eb")

Erie Canal, The [USA]: F (c'-c")

Farewell My Own True Love [USA - Appalachians]: F (c'-d")

land Whale Fishery, The [USA]: G (d'-d")

Gypsy Davey, The [USA]: F (d'-d")

Jamaica Farewell - Burgess [Jamaica]: D (a-d")

Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair - Foster [USA]: Eb (d'-eb'')

Jennie Jenkins [USA - Virginia]: G (d'-e")

John Brown's Body [USA]: Bb (d'-e")

Land of the Silver Birch [Canada]: G (e'-e")

Life on the Ocean Wave, A - Russell [USA]: F (c'-d")

Li'l Liza Jane [USA]: D (d'-d")

Linstead Market [Jamaica]: D (c'-d")

Mango Walk [West Indies]: G (d'-e")

Marching through Georgia - Work [USA]: A (c'-e")

My Grandfather's Clock - Work [USA]: A (c#'-e'')

My Old Kentucky Home - Foster [USA]: G (e'-e")

No Other Moon [Brazil]: A (c'-d")

Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen [USA]: F (c'-c")

Old Folks at Home - Foster [USA]: D (d'-e'')

Old Man Who Lived in the Wood, The [USA]: F (c'-c")

One More River [USA]: F (c'-d")

Patrick on the Railroad [USA]: A minor (e'-d")

Pay Me My Money Down [USA - Georgia]: D (d'-b')

Riddles [USA - Kentucky]: F (c'-d")

Sambalele [Brazil]: F (e'-d")

Santy Anno [USA]: G (b-d")

Shanty-Boys in the Pine, The [USA]: F (c'-d")

Shenandoah [USA]: Eb (bb-eb")

Simple Gifts [USA]: G (d'-d")

Steal Away [USA]: F (f'-d")

Streets of Laredo, The [USA]: G (d'-d")

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [USA]: G (d'-e")

Tortilla Vendor [Chile]: D (e'-d")

Water Come a Me Eye [Jamaica]: D (d'-d")

When Johnny Comes Marching Home [USA]: A minor (e'-e")

Wreck of Sloop John B, The [Bahamas]: G (d'-e")

Yankee Doodle [USA]: Bb (d'-eb")

Yellow Rose of Texas, The [USA]: A (c'-d")

Tag: Singing Grade 3, Singing Grade 4.

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