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gwneud a gwneud eto / do & do again - Davies, Angharad - CD

gwneud a gwneud eto / do & do again - Davies, Angharad - CD

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Aberystwyth-born violinist Angharad Davies in her first recording for "all that dust", 2021, recorded at City University London 14/7/21. A 52-minute layering of 2 performances on prepared solo violin. "It's physical, intimate and ultimately an invitation to spend time with me since it's been so hard to see anyone much of late." A pick for "Best Contemporary Classical of 2021" on

"Angharad Davies allows us to hear the violin almost from within, revealing the granular detail of what she describes as the instrument's ‘endless wealth of possibilities".

There is more at play, however, than an unadorned violin. The instrument was prepared, with a nail file woven in between the strings. Over the course of the performance Davies followed a predetermined series of actions: to play on the file, in front of it, behind it, on specific parts of it, varying speed, weight and the angle of the bow so that it catches open strings and other accidental notes. She explains, ‘I wanted to dare myself to play for this long just following one technique', a rigour that perhaps reflects her many years' experience playing music by (or with) Eliane Radigue, Tony Conrad and Cranc, her trio with Rhodri Davies and Nikos Veliotis.

What you hear is a layering of two performances. The first was captured in a single take by producer Newton Armstrong. For the second, Davies played whilst listening on headphones to what she had done before, lending energy where her stamina had previously flagged and feeling able to step back, with slight detachment, as the two tracks merged and allowed a third seemingly to make music of its own accord. ‘Do and do again' is the principle by which this music comes into being.


Liveness and physicality are enhanced by the extended duration. The length of gwneud a gwneud eto for Davies allows ‘Also this honesty. No editing. It is what it is. That's how it was'. This simple, unedited approach is complemented by the mix, which allows for cavernous spaces to be created as sounds are layered to surround and subsume the listener. The studio can be a sterile place, Davies acknowledges, but collaboration with Armstrong created a reciprocity between violinist and producer, ‘creating an agency' between them."

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