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Rae - Tyne Sonata - alto saxophone + piano

Rae - Tyne Sonata - alto saxophone + piano

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James Rae's 2011 sonata for alto (Eb) saxophone + piano accompaniment, premiered at Dartington International Summer School, evokes scenes along the iconic Northern English river. The Tyne starts its life as two rivers, hence the title of the first movement: The Sources. These converge to form the River Tyne at an appropriately named location west of Hexham called Watersmeet, the title of the second movement. The final movement is Sandgate Jig named after Sandgate, a street near Newcastle quayside where many keelmen used to live. UE, 2011. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2022 onwards Alto / Baritone Saxophone Grade 7 (List B: Watersmeet) & Grade 8 (List C: Sandgate Jig) & ATCL (complete)

Tag: Saxophone Grade 8

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