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Metelka - Little Viruoso - piano

Metelka - Little Viruoso - piano

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This piano album by the acclaimed Czech pianist, teacher and composer Jakub Metelka (born 1986) contains 15 recital pieces – short, witty, characteristic compositions with flawless melodic, harmonic and pianistic workmanship. It allows little virtuosos not only to train their technical skills (from fairly easy to moderately difficult), but also to sharpen their grasp of the pieces' moods and to stretch their musical imagination. Bärenreiter-Praha, 2021. Includes online audio access.

Ancient Kingdom

Beauty Riding

Calm Ocean

Devil's Waltz


Little Elephant

Lonely Mill

March of the Chicks

Old Sailor

Paper Aeroplane

Pet Cemetery

Rain Fairy



Swan on Ice

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