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Satie - Embryons Desséchés - piano

Satie - Embryons Desséchés - piano

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Erik Satie's 1913 parodic piano pieces depicting marine animals, ed. Jens Rosteck for Bärenreiter Urtext, 2015. Notated without barlines, with ‘stories' beneath the music and spoofs of well-known pieces, most strikingly the Funeral March from Chopin's Piano Sonata in B minor in the 2nd movement, these pieces are typical of Satie's quirky style. Notes in French, German & English.

I d'Holothurie (Sea Cucumbers)

II d'Edriopthalma (Crustaceans with immovable eyes)

III d'Podopthalma (Crustaceans with eyes on stalks)

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