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Some Might Say - Prokofiev - trumpet + CD

Some Might Say - Prokofiev - trumpet + CD

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A range of styles are represented in these 8 pieces arranged by Robert Ramskill for easy—medium grade trumpet (or cornet / euphonium, etc.) + piano accompaniment, plus a backing CD - one piece in each of the Baroque, Classical and Romantic styles, and from the twentieth century a modern classic, a film theme tune, a piece of 1930s jazz & a pop song by Oasis. BW, 1997.

Big Country, The - Morross

Ca Va? - Ramskill

Gigue [Orchestral Suite no.3] – Bach, J.S.

La Campanella - Paganini

Lieutenant Kij: themes - Prokofiev

Some Might Say – Gallagher (Oasis)

Your Feet's Too Big - Waller

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