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Chopin - Liszt - Hiller - piano

Chopin - Liszt - Hiller - piano

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33 easier piano pieces by three 19th century composers - the third being the less famous contemporary of Chopin & Liszt, Ferdinand von Hiller (1811-85): vol.5 in the Urtext Primo series. Selected and commentated on by Nils Franke, with practising tips. c. Grade 4-6 level. Wiener Urtext Edition, 2015. Set for ABRSM Examination 2023-4 Piano Grade 4 (List B: Liszt - La cloche sonne)



Bourrées in G & A KK VIIb nos.1 & 2

Cantabile in B KK IVb no.6

Mazurka in Ab op. 7 no.4a

Mazurka in F op. 68 no.3

Mazurka in G minor op. 67 no.2

Polonaise in B KK IVa no.1

Préludes in E minor, B minor, A & C minor op. 28 nos.4, 6, 7 & 20

Sostenuto in Eb KK IVb no.10

Waltz in A minor KK IVb no.11


Adagio religioso

Andante in Db

Andantino in Ab

Ave Maria S.545 (arranged from S.38)

Die Hirten an der Krippe / The shepherds at the manger / Les Bergers à la creche (In dulce jubilo) [Weinachtsbaum S.186: no.3]

Ich liebe Dich S.546a

La cloche sonne S.238

Ländler in Ab S.211

Sancta Dorothea S.187

Weihnachtslied / Christmas carol / Chant de Noel [Weinachtsbaum S.186: no.8]

Wiegenlied / Lullaby / Chant du berceau


Ballade [Easy Songs & Dances op. 117: no.16]

Fandango [Easy Songs & Dances op. 117: no.28]

Irländisches Lied / Irish Song / Chant irlandais [Easy Songs & Dances op. 117: no.2]

Italienisches Lied / Italian Song / Chant Italien [Easy Songs & Dances op. 117: no.31]

Lied / Song op. 66/II/2

Polnisches Lied / Polish Song / Chant Polonaise [Easy Songs & Dances op. 117: no.18]

Russisches Lied / Russian Song / Chant Russe [Easy Songs & Dances op. 117: no.26]

Schlummerlied / Slumber Song / Berceuse op. 66/I/2

Schottisches Lied / Scottish Song / Chant écossais [Easy Songs & Dances op. 117: no.19]

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