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Mathews - Treasure Trove - piano

Mathews - Treasure Trove - piano

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These 17 piano solos by British composer Alison Mathews were inspired by the names of gemstones. c. Grade 3-5 level. Editions Musica Ferrum, 2017. Set for ABRSM Examination 2023-4 Piano Grade 4 (List C: Buried Rubies)

Amethyst Crystal, The

Black Onyx

Buried Rubies

Diamond Bright

Emerald Eyes

Flaming Sapphire

Iridescent Opal, An

Mournful Jet

Obsidian Obelisk, The

Oriental Jade

Peridot Meteorite, The

Persian Turquoise

River Pearl, The

Shimmering Moonstone

Slice of Agate, A

Tigers Eye

Trapped in Amber

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