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Martinů - Easy Piano Pieces & Dances

Martinů - Easy Piano Pieces & Dances

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In this Easy Piano Pieces and Dances album, Martinů's four-part piano cycle Quarter and Eighth Notes (Crotchets & Quavers), devoted to changes of metre and tempo & composed in Paris in 1937, appears for the first time. The work, previously known only from his correspondence, was long considered lost until a copyist's manuscript of it resurfaced in Brno in 2011. The jazz piece One Step, composed in 1921, is also published here for the first time, having only previously existed in the composer's manuscript. Along with these two “discoveries”, this album contains the jazzy dance pieces that Martinu composed in Policka in the 1920s as well as the three-part cycle 'Christmas', composed in Paris in 1927. Ed. Lucie Harasim Berna for Bärenreiter, 2016.

Black Bottom


Crotchets and Quavers


Foxtrot Born "On the Corner"


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