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Klezmer Tunes for Clarinet

Klezmer Tunes for Clarinet

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Rudolf Mauz presents a wide-ranging collection of Klezmer tunes & Jewish melodies for clarinet, including well-known traditional pieces and original numbers by Mauz. The collection features pieces for clarinet & piano accompaniment, as well as a selection of clarinet duets. .

The music has been carefully edited to create stylistic, authentic arrangements. The volume is accompanied by online audio access with demonstration recordings of all tunes as well as play-along versions. Schott, 2015 / 2019.

7:40 AM - trad.

A Klezmer Overture - Mauz

A Nakht in Gan Eden (A Night in the Garden of Eden) - trad.

Az der Rebbe est (When the Rabbi eats) - trad. (duet)

Boruch Ato Bo'ir (May you be blessed) - trad. (duet)

Bulgar - trad.

Chassidic Dance - trad.

Chossn Kalah Mazel Tov (Congratulations to the Bride & Groom) - trad.

Doina - trad.

Ele Chambda Libi (This is what my heart desires) - trad.

Freilach (Wedding Dance) - trad.

Hava Nagila (Let us rejoice) - trad. (duet)

Hevenu Shalom Alejchem (We brought peace upon you) - trad. (duet)

Hora, Chusidl, Bulgar - trad. (duet)

Hrshel - trad.

Itamar Freilach - trad.

Ki Mitziyon (For out of Zion...) - trad.

Melodie pour Dominique - Mauz

Ose Shalom (He who makes peace) - trad.

Shalom Aleichem (Peace be with you) - trad. (duet)

Unter einer Wolke (Under a Cloud) - Mauz

Yiddish Charleston - trad.

Yism' chu Hashamayim (Let the Heavens be Glad) - trad.

Yoshke, Yoshke (How beautiful) - trad. (duet)

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