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Jenkins, Karl - Adiemus IV: The Eternal Knot - CD

Jenkins, Karl - Adiemus IV: The Eternal Knot - CD

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This 4th volume in Karl Jenkins' "Adiemus" series was inspired by Celtic history & mythology, & was the soundtrack to the S4C documentary "The Celts".In addition to rich string orchestrations & vocals borrowing from world musical styles common to Adiemus, Jenkins adds the accompaniment of instruments such as the Uilleann pipes. Originally released in 2000 by Virgin, reissued by Decca in 2019 to celebrate Karl Jenkins' 75th birthday. Catrin Finch (harp), Jody K. Jenkins (percussion), Danny Spillane (uilleann pipes), Pamela Thorby (recorder), Martin Taylor (guitar), David Farmer (accordion) & Miriam Stockley, Caryl Ebenezer & Mary Carewe (vocals) & Adiemus Orchestra conducted by the composer.

Cú Chullain

The Eternal Knot

Palace of the Crystal Bridge

The Wooing of Etaín

King of the Sacred Grove

Saint Declan's Drone

Salm o 'Dewi Sant'

Connla's Well

The Dagda

Children of Dannu

Ceridwen's Curse

Hermit of the Sea Rock

Isle of the Mystic Lake

Math was a Wizard

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