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Parry, C.H.H. - Twelve Sets of English Lyrics Vol. III - CD

Parry, C.H.H. - Twelve Sets of English Lyrics Vol. III - CD

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Sir Hubert Parry's songs, vol.3, recorded by Sarah Fox (soprano) & Roderick Williams (baritone) with Andrew West (piano). Composed 1874-1918. Somm, 2018. BBC Music Magazine 5-star review & Choral & Song Choice, Jan. 2019.

My Heart is like a Singing Bird [English Lyrics Set 10: no.1] – Sarah Fox

Blackbird, The & If I Might Ride on Puissant Wing [English Lyrics Set 11: nos.4 & 6] - Roderick Williams

Moment of Farewell, A [English Lyrics Set 10: no.3] – Sarah Fox

Sound of Hidden Music, The [English Lyrics Set 12: no.7] – Sarah Fox

Through the Ivory Gate [English Lyrics Set 3: no.5] – Roderick Williams

Nightfall in Winter [English Lyrics Set 8: no.2] – Roderick Williams

Sleep [English Lyrics Set 7: no.6] – Roderick Williams

When the Dew is Falling [English Lyrics Set 12: no.1] – Sarah Fox

Thine Eyes Still Shined for Me & When Lovers Meet Again [English Lyrics Set 4: nos.1 & 2] – Sarah Fox

Lover's Garland, A [English Lyrics Set 6: no.4] – Roderick Williams

Faithful Lover, The [English Lyrics Set 11: no.5] – Roderick Williams

Stray Nymph of Dian, A & Girl to Her Glass, A [English Lyrics Set 5: nos.1 & 6] – Sarah Fox

When the Sun's Great Orb [English Lyrics Set 12: no.4] – Sarah Fox

One Golden Thread [English Lyrics Set 11: no.1] – Roderick Williams

Whence [English Lyrics Set 8: no.1] – Roderick Williams

At the Hour the Long Day Ends [English Lyrics Set 6: no.5] – Roderick Williams

Looking Backward [English Lyrics Set 8: no.5] – Roderick Williams

She is My Love Beyond All Thought [English Lyrics Set 11: no.8] – Roderick Williams

From a City Window [English Lyrics Set 10: no.5] – Sarah Fox

Spirit of the Spring, The [English Lyrics Set 11: no.3] – Sarah Fox

Child and the Twilight, The [English Lyrics Set 10: no.5] – Sarah Fox

Grapes [English Lyrics Set 8: no.6] – Sarah Fox

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