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Kabalevsky - Cello Concerti, etc - CD

Kabalevsky - Cello Concerti, etc - CD

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Marina Tarasova (cello), Natalia Likhopoi (violin) & Ludmilla Kuritskaya (piano) with the Symphony Orchestra of Russia conducted by Veronika Dudarova. Recorded July 1993, Moscow Radio Studio 5, for Olympia: Regis reissue, 2001. NB now out of print: last copy.

Cello Concerto no.1 in G minor op.49 (1949)

Cello Concerto no.2 in C minor op.77 (1964)

Improvisato for violin and piano op.21 no.1 (1934)

Rondo for violin and piano op.69 (1961)

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