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Schuecker - Collection of Harp Etudes op.18

Schuecker - Collection of Harp Etudes op.18

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"Etüden für Harfe" op.18 collected / composed by Edmund Schuecker & selected from his 1st 2 volumes of studies for the pedal harp first published in the late 19th century, ed. Wolf Buchholz. Merseburger, 1983. Set for Trinity Pedal Harp Intermediate Certificate (Schuecker - Andante con moto p.46).

Bochsa - Theme & Variations in Eb

Fiorillo - 2 Moderatos in C

Nadermann - Theme & Variations in Etude form in Db

Schuecker - 9 original studies:

Allegretto in Eb

Allegretto in Bb

Allegretto con moto in F

Andante con moto in Eb

Allegro in Ab

Moderato in F minor

Allegro ma non troppo in Eb

Andante sostenuto in Bb

Andante con moto in C

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