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Superstudies for Cello - Book 2 - Legg, Pat

Superstudies for Cello - Book 2 - Legg, Pat

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15 original, imaginative studies for solo cello by Pat Legg specially designed for players of Grades 3-5 level. Throughout the book, progressive technical points go hand-in-hand with musical development. The studies cover a variety of keys, modes, rhythmic patterns and styles (including jazz), while also encouraging self-expression. The descriptive titles are intended to help the cellist play in style appropriate to each study. Teachers and pupils will find this invaluable yet light-hearted collection both enjoyable and stimulating. Faber, 1993. 


Camden Cakewalk

Gigue Positions

Haunting Melody

Heigh Ho Pizzicato Hornpipe


Irish Colleen


Mini-Shift Waltz

One-String Saunter

Semitone Rag

Slinky Cat, The

Spanish Pizzicato

Spinning Wheel, The

Tin Soldiers

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