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Celtic Christmas - CD

Celtic Christmas - CD

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Song and dance to celebrate Christmas from the Celtic traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Brittany and Cornwall with the typical harps, bagpipes and other instruments of each area. Most of the songs are in the original languages (with translations in the notes).

Emma Christian (Voice, Celtic Harp & Recorder), Arthur Cormack & Julie Murphy (singers), Colin McAllister (Voice & Bodhran), Dave Townsend (Concertina, Voice & Accordion), Robin Huw Bowen (Teires / Welsh Triple Harp), Pete Cooper (Fiddle & Viola), Steáfán Hannigan (Irish pipes, Bodhran & Flute), Ceri Rhys Matthews (Welsh (Pibe cwd), Renaissance & Breton (Veuze) Bagpipes, Cittern & Chanter(Llefarydd)) & Dougie Pincock (Scottish Highland Pipes & Small Pipes, & Bodhran). Saydisc, 2011.

Calennig - Trad. Welsh arr. Bowen, Matthews & Townsend - JM, RHB, CRM & EC

Taladh Chriosda (Christ Child's Lullaby) - Trad. Scottish (Barra) arr. Cormack & Pincock - AC & DP

Wren Hornpipe, The / Christmas Eve, The / Winter Apples - Trad. Irish arr. Townsend & Hannigan - PC, SH & DT

Oikan ayns Bethlehem (Baby in Bethlehem) - Trad. Manx arr. Christian - EC

Hunting the Wren medley: King, The - Trad. Welsh (Pembrokeshire) arr. Townsend - DT; Can Hela;r Dryw (Hunting the Wren) - Trad. Welsh (Dinbych / Fflint) arr. Townsend. Bowen & Matthews - JM, RHB & CRM; Shelg y Drean (Hunting the Wren) - Trad. Manx arr. Bowen & Matthews - EC, RHB & CRM; & Wren-Boys of Dun - Trad. Irish arr. Townsend & Hannigan - CMc. SH, PC, DT & DP.

Kanomp Nouel (Sing, Nowell) - Trad. Breton arr. Matthews - JM & CRM

Dublin Tune - Trad. Irish arr. Townsend & McAllister - CMc, DT & PC

Mari Lwyd: Can y Fari Lwyd / Cariad Cywir - Trad. Welsh (Glamorgan / Ceredigion) arr. Matthews & Murphy - JM & CRM

Da Day Dawns / Christmas Day i da Moarnin / The Papa Stour Sword Dance - Trad. Scottish (Shetland) arr. Townsend - PC & DT

Tree of Life, The - Trad. Cornish arr. Townsend - JM, CRM & PC

Carval ny drogh vraane (Carval on Base Women) - Trad. Manx arr. Christian - EC

Gower Wassail, The - Trad. Welsh arr. Townsend - DT

Plygain: Wel Dyma'r Borau Gorau i Gyd - Trad. Welsh (Dinbych) arr. Matthews & Murphy - JM & CRM

Arise and Hail the Glorious Star - Trad. Cornish arr. Townsend - JM, EC, CMc, AC, SH, DP, PC & DT

Seven Rejoices of Mary, The - Trad. Irish (Wexford) arr. Townsend & Hannigan - CMc, DT & SH

Ffarwel Gwýr Aberffraw (Farewell of the Men of Aberffraw) - Trad. Welsh (Gwynedd) arr. Bowen & Townsend - JM, RHB & PC

Leanabh an aigh (Blessed Child) - Trad. Scottish (Mull) arr. Cormack - AC

Highland Pipe Medley - Trad. Scottish arr. Pincock - DP

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