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Music from the Chirk Castle Part-Books - CD

Music from the Chirk Castle Part-Books - CD

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This CD presents a selection of works from the Chirk Castle part-books, a fascinating collection of devotional music from the Tudor period that remained hidden in the castle library in North-East Wales for 300 years: edited for performance by Dr. David Evans, who worked at Aberystwyth University Music Department in the 1980s & subsequently in Bangor University Music Department - the booklet notes are by him. This recording focuses on the unaccompanied items, presenting for the first time a selection of the ‘full' services and anthems found in the manuscripts, including seven unique to the Chirk collection.

The Brabant Ensemble, directed by Stephen Rice. Hyperion, 2008.

Te Deum & Benedictus 'for trebles' - Mundy, William (c1529-1591)

O God give ear and do apply - Byrd (1539/40-1623)

Deliver me from mine enemies – Parsons, Robert (c1535-1572)

Christ rising again - Tallis (c1505-1585)

Behold it is Christ – Hooper, Edmund (c1553-1621)

Blessed are all they that fear the Lord - Tye (c1505-before 15/3/1573)

Burial Service: I am the resurrection and the life – Parsons, Robert (c1535-1572)

O Lord, thou hast dealt graciously – Deane, William (?1575-c1638)

With all our hearts and mouths - Tallis (c1505-1585)

Yield unto God the mighty Lord – Caustun, Thomas (c1522-1569)

Not every one that saith unto me - Tallis (c1505-1585)

Submit yourselves one to another – Sheppard, John (c1515-1558)

Litany 'for trebles' O God the Father of heav'n – Parsons, William (fl1545-1563)

O God Be Merciful Unto Us, and Bless Us – Sheppard, John (c1515-1558)

Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, The – Deane, William (?1575-c1638)

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