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Grieg - Songs - Karneus - CD

Grieg - Songs - Karneus - CD

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Grieg's sheer range as a song-writer - from the shortest settings, folk-like and immediate, to the major cycle Haugtussa - places him without question among the finest 19th century masters of the genre. These matchless examples of Scandinavian Romanticism are performed by the partnership of Swedish mezzo-soprano Katarina Karneus and pianist Julius Drake, who drew great critical acclaim for their disc of Sibelius songs.. Hyperion, 2008: BBC Music Magazine 4-star review.

Sex digte af Henrik Ibsen (Six poems by Henrik Ibsen) op.25: Spillemænd (Minstrels), En svane (My swan), Stambogsrim (Album lines), Med en vandlilje (With a waterlily),Borte! (Gone!) & En fuglevise (Bird's song)

Sechs Lieder op.48: Gruß, Dereinst, Gedanke mein, Lauf der Welt, Die verschwiegene Nachtigall, Zur Rosenzeit & Ein Traum

Haugtussa (Mountain Maid) op.67: Det syng (Singing, The), Veslemøy (Little maid), Blåbær-Li (Blueberry slopes), Møte (Meeting), Elsk (Love), Killingdans (Goats' dance), Vond Dag (Hurtful day) & Ved Gjætle-Bekken (By the Gjætle brook)

Hjertets melodier (Melodies of the heart) op.5: To brune Øjne (Two brown eyes), En Digters Bryst (Poet's heart, A), Jeg elsker Dig (I love you) & Min Tanke er et mægtigt Fjeld (My thoughts are like a mighty mountain)

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