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Lusty Broadside Ballads & Playford Dances - CD

Lusty Broadside Ballads & Playford Dances - CD

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Broadside Ballads & Dances from 17th Century England. City Waites with Lucie Skeaping. Alto reissue, 2015.

Baffled Knight, The

Blue Cap

Bobbing Jo


Broom of the Cowdenowes, The

Brooms for old shoes

Chirping of the Lark/Parsons Farewell, The

Crossed Couple, The

Diddle diddle (Lavenders Green)

Farmer's Cursed Wife (Lillibulero), The

Jockey's Lamentation (Over the hills & far away)

Jovial Broom Man, The

Lumps of Pudding

Merry, merry Milkmaids, The

My dog and I


Nine Pins/Jenny Pluck Pears/Half Hanekin

Northern Lassies Lamentation (Oak & The Ash), The

Paul's Wharf

Three Ravens, The

Tobacco is an Indian Weed

Tomorrow the Fox will come to Town

Traders Medley, The

We be Soldiers Three

You lasses and lads

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