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Library of Disney Songs

Library of Disney Songs

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There are songs for everyone in this collection of over 50 popular hits arranged for voice and piano accompaniment + guitar chords, with full lyrics, from Disney movies & shows past and present. HL, 2019.

Alice in Wonderland: Eb (bb-f") - Fain

Aristocats, The: C (b-c") - Sherman

Ballad of Davy Crockett, The: F (c'-d") - Bruns

Bare Necessities, The [Jungle Book, The]: F (c'-d") - Gilkyson

Beauty and the Beast: Eb (g-c") - Menken

Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo (The Magic Song) [Cinderella]: F (c'-d") - David & Hoffmann

Can You Feel the Love Tonight? [Lion King, The]: Bb (eb'-f") - John

Candle on the Water [Pete's Dragon]: C (c'-a') - Kasha & Hirschhorn

Chim Chim Cher-ee [Mary Poppins]C minor (c'-d") – Sherman

Circle of Life [Lion King, The]: Bb (c'-f") - John

Colors of the Wind [Pocahontas]: Bb (f-c") - Schwartz

Cruella de Vil [101 Dalmatians]: G (a#-c") - Leven

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? [Frozen]: Eb (bb-c") - Anderson-Lopez

Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, A [Cinderella]: G (b-d") - David & Hoffmann

Evermore [Beauty and the Beast]: A (g#-f") - Menken

Ev'rybody Wants to be a Cat [Aristocats, The]: Eb (g-c") - Rinker

Go the Distance [Hercules]: D (d'-c#'") - Menken

God Help the Outcasts [Hunchback of Notre Dame, The]: Bb (f-c") - Schwartz

Happy Working Song [Enchanted]: D (g#-d") - Menken

He's a Tramp [Lady and the Tramp]: F (c'-e") - Lee & Burke

How Does a Moment Last Forever [Beauty and the Beast]: Bb (f-eb") - Menken

How Far I'll Go [Moana]: E (b-d") - Miranda

I Just Can't Wait to be King [Lion King, The]: G (d'-e") - John

I See the Light [Tangled]: C (g-eb"/g") - Menken

I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song) [Jungle Book, The]: C (e'-e") - Sherman

If I Never Knew You (End Title) [Pocahontas]: G (g-ab") - Menken

I'll Make a Man out of You [Mulan]: E minor (d'-a") - Wilder

I'm Late [Alice in Wonderland]: C (c'-e") - Fain

It's a Small World [Disney Parks' "It's a small world" attraction]: C (d'-g") - Sherman

Kiss the Girl [Little Mermaid, The]: C (a-c") - Menken

Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly) [So Dear to my Heart]: C (b-d") - Daniel

Let it Go [Frozen]: F minor (f-eb") - Anderson-Lopez

Mickey Mouse March [Mickey Mouse Club]: F (c'-a') - Dodd

Once Upon a Dream [Sleeping Beauty / Maleficent]: F (d'-f") - Fain & Lawrence after Tchaikovsky

Part of your World [Little Mermaid, The]: G (d'-d") - Menken

Pirate's Life, A [Peter Pan]: G (d'-d") - Wallace

Reflection [Mulan]: F (g-e") - Wilder

Remember Me (Ernesto de la Cruz) [Coco]: D (f#-g") - Anderson-Lopez

Second Star to the Right, The [Peter Pan]: C (g-b') - Fain

Siamese Cat Song, The (We are Siamese) [Lady and the Tramp]: C (c'-g") - Lee & Burke

Someday [Hunchback of Notre Dame, The]: Ab (ab-eb") - Schwartz

Spoonful of Sugar, A [Mary Poppins]: G (d'-d") - Sherman

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [Mary Poppins]: C (d'-d") - Sherman

Trashin' the Camp* (Pop Version) [Tarzan]: Eb (c'-g"/d'") - Collins

Unbirthday Song, The [Alice in Wonderland]: C (a-c") - David & Hoffmann

Under the Sea [Little Mermaid, The]: Bb (c'-d") - Menken

Whale of a Tale, A [20,000 Leagues Under the Sea]: F (c'-f") - Hoffmann & Gimbel

When She Loved Me [Toy Story 2]: F (g-f") - Newman

Whole New World, A [Aladdin]: D (a-d") - Menken

Winnie the Pooh: F (c'-bb') - Sherman

World Es Mi Familia, The [Coco]: C (c'-e"/g") - Franco

Written in the Stars [Aida]: C (b-f") - John

You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! [Peter Pan]: Eb (eb'-eb") - Fain

You'll be in my Heart (Pop Version)*[Tarzan]: F# (c#'-a") - Collins

You're Welcome [Moana]: C (a-e") - Miranda

You've Got a Friend in Me [Toy Story]: Eb (g-f") - Newman

Zero to Hero [Hercules]: F (bb-g") - Menken

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