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Muppets, The - Music from the Motion Picture - pvg

Muppets, The - Music from the Motion Picture - pvg

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12 great songs from the hit-packed soundtrack of "The Muppets - The Motion Picture" for voice, piano accompaniment + guitar chords.

Forget You - Mars, Levine et al. (lyrics not included for this song)

Let's Talk About Me - McKenzie & Theodore

Life's a Happy Song - McKenzie

Mah-Na Mah-Na - Umiliani

Man or Muppet - McKenzie

Me and Julio down by the Schoolyard - Simon

Me Party - McKenzie & Roeman

Muppet Show Theme, The - Henson & Pottle

Pictures in my Head - Lurie, Archontis & Neeman

Rainbow Connection, The - Williams & Ascher

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Cobain, Novoselic & Grohl

We Built this City - Page, Lambert & Wolf

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