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Rae - Jazz Zone - clarinet

Rae - Jazz Zone - clarinet

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An introduction to jazz improvisation for clarinet by James Rae. UE, 2000. Includes CD.

How the book and the CD work: Improvising without the support of an accompaniment, i.e. a rhythm section (piano, bass and drums), can be an unrewarding and frustrating experience. The live rhythm section on the CD provides a good stylistic and harmonic environment in which to travel. To ensure a clean start, each track has a solid four beat lead-in. Many players ‘freeze' when they are asked to perform without conventional music notation to read from. However this CD will stimulate the performer into ‘loosening up' and ‘having a go'. The book does contain written-out phrases, but the player is encouraged to memorise these and incorporate them into their improvisation.

Listening: Listening to jazz and rock music is essential in order to get in to the ‘feel' of the idiom. Jazz phrasing in particular cannot be described accurately by conventional notation or words. Imitation of style is very important. This can be absorbed easily by listening and playing along with the CD.

CD performers - Clarinet solo: James Rae, Keyboard: Mike Cornick, Bass / Bass Guitar: Dave Olney, Percussion: Dave Barry

Set for Trinity Examinations 2022 onwards Jazz Clarinet Grade 1 (Group A: In Demand or Pentafunk), Grade 2 (Group A: Solid Fuel), Grade 3 (Group A: Operator, The), Grade 4 (Group A: Skidaddle!) & Grade 5 (Group A: Last, but not Least)

Building Blox

Busking in the Sun

Creature of Habit, A

Doin' the Right Thing

Go with the Flow

In Demand

Last, but not Least

Operator, The



Solid Fuel


With Compliments

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