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Finch, Catrin + Keita, Seckou - SOAR - CD

Finch, Catrin + Keita, Seckou - SOAR - CD

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Wales' most celebrated harpist, Catrin Finch joins forces for a second time with the Senegalese kora virtuoso Seckou Keita to record ‘SOAR', a CD of unique instrumentals that blend the Manding music of West Africa & the ancient musical style of Wales. A beautifully-illustrated book-format CD holder contains extensive notes in both Welsh & English.

SOAR takes flight on the wings of the osprey, the magnificent bird of prey recently returned to Wales after centuries of absence, which makes its annual 3,000-mile migration from the coasts of West Africa to the estuaries of Wales, soaring like music over man-made borders on an innate and epic journey of endurance. Launched at the Dyfi Osprey Project north of Aberystwyth in April 2018, SOAR explores themes of migration and journeys, both emotional and physical, and continues the duo's intrepid exploration and celebration of the parallels and differences between their two instruments and cultures. The harp occupies a vital place in the incredibly rich cultures of both West Africa and Wales, and both nations share a centuries-old bardic tradition of intricate oral history, expressed through music, song and verse.

Clarach 06:04

Téranga-Bah 05:57

Yama Ba 05:33

Bach to Baïsso 05:47

1677 06:00

Listen to the Grass Grow 04:23

Hinna-Djulo 05:53

Cofiwch Dryweryn 04.52

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