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Chester Vocal Anthology: Baritone / Bass

Chester Vocal Anthology: Baritone / Bass

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25 popular works for baritone or bass voice with piano accompaniment: featuring selected works from the major exam board syllabuses, spanning Grades 5-Diploma level. Includes a preface and performance notes by Donald Maxwell & Angela Livingstone, + a digital version of the book to view on any device. Mostly original-language lyrics only: exceptions noted. Chester, 2018

Aboulker - Le Lion devenu vieux [La Fontaine et le Corbeau]: A minor (A-c#'). French & English lyrics.

Barber - Sure on this shining night: G (b'-e")

Bizet - Chanson d'Avril: Eb (d'-f")

Chausson - Le charme [Sept Mélodies op.2]: Eb (cb'-eb")

Debussy - Beau Soir: D (bb-e"). French & English lyrics.

Dring - It was a lover and his lass [As You Like It]: E (b-g")

Duke - Loveliest of trees: F (c'-d")

Dutilleux - La Faute en est à toi: C# minor (c#-e')

Fauré – Aurore op.39 no.1: F (c'-f"); Clair de lune op.46 no.2: Bb minor (f'-f"). French & English lyrics.

Hageman - Do Not Go, My Love: D minor (b-eb")

Hahn - À Chloris: E (e'-f#")

Ibert - Chanson de Fortunio: G (d'-e"); Chanson du rien: C (c'-eb")

Jolivet - Nous Baignons dans une eau tranquille [Poemes intimes]: C (c'-fb")

Munro - My Lovely Celia: E (b-e")

Paladilhe - Psyché: Gb (bb-eb"/gb"). French & English lyrics.

Parry, C.H.H. - Love is a Bable: Eb (c'-eb")

Poulenc - Chanson à boire [Chanson gaillardes]: C minor (B-e'); Mazurka: C (G-eb')

Puig-Roget - Le Diable dans la nuit [Quatre Ballades Francaises]: D minor (c#'-d"/g")

Vaughan Williams - Silent Noon: Eb (c'-eb")

Venables - Flying Crooked op.28 no.1: Eb (eb-f')

Warlock - Chopcherry: A (e'-e'')

Weir - Blackbirds and Thrushes: C (Ab-eb')

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