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Legrand - Music of Michel Legrand, The - Piano

Legrand - Music of Michel Legrand, The - Piano

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The Music of Michel Legrand: 19 melodies by French film composer Michel Legrand arranged for intermediate-high level solo piano by Frank Booth, Wise Publications 1979. NB lyrics not included.

    Ask Yourself Why [La Piscine]

    Brian's Song (1972)

    His Eyes, Her Eyes [Thomas Crown Affair, The]

    I Still See You [Go-Between, The]

    I Will Say Goodbye (Je vivrai sans toi)

    I Will Wait For You [Les Parapluies de Cherbourg]

    One at a Time (1969)

    One Day (1967)

    Paris was made for Lovers (1971: AKA "A Time for Loving")

    Pieces of Dreams (1970)

    Place in Paris, A (1971)

    Sea and Sky (1971)

    Summer Knows, The [Summer of '42]

    Sweet Gingerbread Man [Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart, The]

    Touch the Sun (1971)

    Watch What Happens [Les Parapluies de Cherbourg]

    What are you doing the rest of your life? [Happy Ending, The]

    Windmills of your Mind, The [Thomas Crown Affair, The]

    Years of my Youth, The (1970)

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