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Somervell - Shropshire Lad, A - voice + piano

Somervell - Shropshire Lad, A - voice + piano

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10 poems by A.E. Housman set for medium-low voice + piano accompaniment by Arthur Somervell, 1904. B&H. Set for LRSM (Baritone / Bass: Lads in their hundreds, The)

In Summertime on Bredon: C (bb-e")

Into my Heart an Air that kills: Eb (bb-d")

Lads in their hundreds, The: Ab (db'-f")

Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now: E (b-d#")

On the Idle Hill of Summer: B (c#'-e")

Street Sounds to the Soldiers' Tread, The: Eb (bb-eb")

There pass the careless People: E minor (b-e")

Think no more, Lad, laugh, be jolly: G (g-e")

When I was One-and-twenty: B (b-d#")

White in the moon the long road lies: B minor (c#'-e")

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