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Barber - Hermit Songs - High voice + piano

Barber - Hermit Songs - High voice + piano

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Samuel Barber's 1953 settings of poems translated from anonymous Irish texts of the eighth to thirteenth centuries for high voice + piano accompaniment: Schirmer GS32882, English lyrics only. Set for DipABRSM & ARSM & ATCL (Monk & his Cat, The) & LTCL (St. Ita's Vision) & FTCL (Group B: complete)

At St. Patrick's Purgatory: G# minor (c#'-f#")

Church Bell at Night: C (d#'-c#")

Crucifixion, The: C (d'-f")

Desire for Hermitage, The: C minor (d'-g")

Heavenly Banquet, The: F (d'-ab")

Monk & his Cat, The: F (d'-e")

Praises of God, The: C (e'-g")

Promiscuity: C (g#'-c")

St. Ita's Vision: C (c'-ab")

Sea-Snatch: C minor (c'-bb")

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