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Amazing Studies for Saxophone - Harrison, ed.

Amazing Studies for Saxophone - Harrison, ed.

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From Howard Harrison, the creator of Amazing Solos, a collection of amazingly enjoyable studies for the intermediate player. B&H, 1997. 76 pieces for unaccompanied saxophone, carefully selected to develop a specific aspect of technique, with helpful hints and tips to improve your performance. Set for Trinity Examinations 2022 onwards  Saxophone Grade 1 (Group B: Trad. - Bamboo Flute), Grade 2 (Group B: Anon. - Medieval Dance Tune) & Grade 4 (Group B: Harrison - Calypso Collapso)

Anon. - 29th of May, The [Playford's English Dancing Master]; Danse de Cleves, La; Emperor of the Moon, The [Playford's English Dancing Master]; Epping Forest; Ghosts of Ev'ry Occupation; Medieval Dance Tune; Quinte Estampie Real, La; Rotta, La; Saltarello; Song; Trotto; Well's Humour (Purcell's Hornpipe) [Playford's English Dancing Master]

Babcock - World's Fair Rag

Bach, J.S. - Bourrée [Cello Suite no. 3 in C major BWV1009]; Bourrée [Lute Suite in E Minor BWV996]; Gigue BWV 845 (attrib.); Gigue [Cello Suite no. 1 in G major BWV1007]

Bolling - Badine [Picnic Suite]; Rag-Polka & Spirituelle [Toot Suite]

Cosma - Prelude

Fenwick - Flower Among them All, The

Gariboldi – Study in D minor; Study in E minor

Harrison - 11 Variations on 'La folia'; Bride's Candle Dance; Calypso Collapso; J is 3; Jig; Round Dance and Swineherd's Dances I & II

Haydn – Allegro

Hill - Bee's Wing Hornpipe

Kohler – Barcarola; Study; Waltz

Landini - Ecco la Primavera

O'Carolan - Morgan Magan

Peterson - Jazz Etude no. 2

Quantz - Fantasia in E minor (Menuetto); Fantasia in Bb (Allegro Moderato)

Scott - Ophelia Rag

Skinner - Arthur Seat

Telemann – Allegro, Largo, Soave & Vivace [Fantasie for solo violin]

Trad. - Ash Grove, The (Welsh: Llwyn Onn); Auvergne Polka (French); Bamboo Flute (Chinese); Bulgarian Dance; Butcher's March, The (Irish); Early One Morning (English); Fille au cresson, La (French); Flower Drum Song, The (Chinese); Four Seasons, The (Chinese); Freilach (Jewish); Garryowen (Irish); Hineh Mah Tov (Jewish); Hungarian Song; I'll Get Married in my Old Clothes (Irish); Jasmine Flower (Pakistani); Laride à six temps (French); Londonderry Hornpipe (Irish); Lovely Maiden (Iraqi); Morpeth Rant (English); President Garfield (USA: New England); Redesdale Hornpipe (English); Sheffield Hornpipe (English); Soldier's Joy; Sweep's Hornpipe (Irish); Tsur Mishelo (Israeli); Young Black Cow, The (Scottish)

Van Eyck - Malle Symen; Prins Robberts Masco

Tags: Saxophone Grade 2; Saxophone Grade 3; Saxophone Grade 4

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