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Rae - 18 Concert Etudes - Saxophone

Rae - 18 Concert Etudes - Saxophone

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James Rae has composed these 18 Etudes for the higher-grade/ college-level saxophonist. Technique and musicianship are the key issues, & they are also ideal as workouts, even for the professional player. Equally, these characterful pieces can be effectively included in concert programmes. They are suitable for soprano, alto, tenor or baritone saxophone. UE, 2015. Set for ABRSM Examination 2022 onwards Saxophone Grade 7 (List A: no.9) & Trinity Examinations 2022 onwards Saxophone & Jazz Saxophone Grade 6 (Group B: nos.4 or 6 ), Grade 7 (Group B: nos.9 or 15) & Grade 8 (Group B: nos.13 or 16).

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