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Gumbley - Solo Flight for clarinet

Gumbley - Solo Flight for clarinet

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This book by Chris Gumbley represents an attempt to write for the unaccompanied clarinet in various styles not normally associated with the instrument — from bebop through to folk, latin, funk and even hillbilly with the soloist expected to perform such feats as playing melodies and bass lines simultaneously, mimicking hillbilly violin double- stopping and even guitar-like funk figures! Medium-difficult level. Set for Trinity Examinations 2022 onwards Jazz Clarinet Grade 5 (Group B: Lift Off or Escalator, The), Grade 6 (Group B: Sightseeing), Grade 7 (Group B: Trick or Treat?) & Grade 8 (Group B: Sheikh Rock'n'Roll)


Escalator, The

Gumba Rumba

Hoe Down

Lift Off

Mind the Gap

On the Run

Sheikh Rock'n'Roll


Song for Jim

Time after Time

Trick or Treat?

Tags: Clarinet Grade 7; Clarinet Grade 8

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