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How To Blitz! ABRSM Theory Grade 3

How To Blitz! ABRSM Theory Grade 3

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How To Blitz! ABRSM Theory Grade 3 includes everything you'll need to blitz your Grade 3 ABRSM Theory exam. Featuring full guidance to the whole Grade 3 syllabus, more information, revision exercises and worksheets than any other theory textbook as well as clear and easy introductions to new concepts, this book makes working towards Grade 3 of the ABRSM Theory accessible and enjoyable for students.

Featuring quizzes, games, multiple choice, word searches and more, the book manages to make what is usually a dreaded topic into something fun. The Blitz! ABRSM Grade 3 Theory is ideal for students who have worked through the Grade 1 and 2 books and are now progressing.

Including sharp and flat keys, tonic triads, demisemiquavers, new time signatures and more intervals. Blitz! ABRSM Theory Grade 3 also includes more tests, exercises and quizzes to reinforce and consolidate learning.

Written by renowned educator and author Samantha Coates, the BlitzBooks series has brought fun and laughter to the areas of music theory, instrumental technique and sight reading. Her engaging approach to theory and sight reading has made BlitzBooks already the most popular range of theory and sight reading books in Australia, now finally available in the UK.

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