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Barratt - In the Limelight

Barratt - In the Limelight

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A collection of favourite pieces selected from Carol Barratt's much-loved Chester's Easiest Piano series. Containing a wide variety of styles from original contemporary pieces by Carol, to folk songs and blues - displaying just how much beginner pianists are capable of even at these early stages.

Pieces appear in order of difficulty, giving a sense of progression & technical development throughout the book. There are even a few songs included to encourage singing & playing at the same time - a valuable skill for developing musicianship.

Alexander March - attrib. Beethoven / Czerny, arr. Barratt

Aunty Lizzie's Old Pig - Barratt

Barbara Allen - trad. English arr. Barratt

Black and Blues - Barratt

Brachiosaurus - Barratt

Bubble and Squeak - Barratt

Cat in the Corner, The - trad. Irish arr. Barratt

Chester Wins Again! - Barratt

Clowns - Barratt

Crow, The - trad. Chinese arr. Barratt

Dame, Get Up and Bake Your Pies - trad. English arr. Barratt

David of the White Rock (Dafydd y Garreg Wen) - trad. Welsh arr. Barratt

Dinosaur Duet - Tyrannosaurus Rex & Compsognathus - Barratt

Diplodocus - Barratt

Early One Morning - trad. English arr. Barratt

Fox Jumped Over the Parson's Gate, The - trad. English arr. Barratt

Giraffes - Barratt

Iguanodon - Barratt

Juniper Tree, The - trad. USA arr. Barratt

Manners - Barratt

March for a Blue Monday - Barratt

Naomi's Number - Barratt

On the Wing - trad. French-Canadian arr. Barratt

Out-of-Step March - Barratt

Over the Hills and Far Away - trad. English arr. Barratt

Planting the Cabbage (Savez-vous planter les choux?) - trad. French arr. Barratt

Protoceratops - Barratt

Raisins and Almonds - trad. Jewish arr. Barratt

Strolling Sam - Barratt

Superfrog - Barratt

Tara's Rag - Barratt

To Market, To Market - trad. English arr. Barratt

Triceratops - Barratt

When I was a Tailor - trad. English arr. Barratt

Whoopee-Ti-Ti-Yo! - trad. USA arr. Barratt

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