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Kabalevsky, Dmitri - Easy Piano Compositions

Kabalevsky, Dmitri - Easy Piano Compositions

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A wonderful collection of piano solos from the early 20th century by Dmitri Kabalevsky in a beautifully produced authentic edition from B&H, with an introduction and commentary by Narine Haroutiunian. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2023-4 & 2025-6 Piano Initial (List A: Little Scherzo op.39 no.6) & Grade 2 (List A: Hopping op.39 no.18) & Trinity Examination 2021-3 Piano Grade 4 (A Short Story op.27 no.13)

Four Little Pieces op.14: A Brisk Game, The Drummer, In the Gymnasium & Soldiers' March

Fifteen Children's Pieces op.27; A Little Song, Playing Ball, A Sad Little Tale, An Old Dance, A Little Fairy Tale, Having Fun, Toccatina, Etude, A Little Joke, Scherzo, Dance on the Lawn, Sonatina, A Short Story, Novelette & Dance

Twenty-Four Little Pieces op.39: A Little Tune, Polka, Marching, Cradle Song, A Game, A Little Scherzo, The Little Twins, Singing, Dance, Quick March, Autumn Song, A Little Jest, Waltz, A Gay Little Story, Galloping, A Sad Tale, Country Dance, Hopping, Prelude. The Clown, Improvisation, Novelette, Waltz & A Cheerful Journey

Five Easy Variations op.51: Five Happy Variations on a Russian Folk Song, Merry Dance Variations on a Russian Folk Song, "Grey Day" Variations on a Slovakian Folk Song, Seven Good-Humoured Variations on a Ukranian Folk Song, & Six Variations on a Ukranian Folk Song

Four Rondos op.51: Rondo-March, Rondo-Dance, Rondo-Song & Rondo-Toccata

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