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Martinů - Puppets (complete)

Martinů - Puppets (complete)

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The 3 volumes of 'Puppets' were composed by Martinů between 1912 and 1925: the cycle is published for the first time by Barenreiter in one volume with fingerings by Giorgio Koukl & preface + Critical Commentary by editor Ales Brezina (Cz./Ger./Eng./Fr.). The pieces take the characters of Italian commedia dell'arte as their theme: Pierrot, Colombine and Harlequin. c. Grade 6-8 standard.

Colombina - Colombine

Colombina tanči – Colombine Dances

Colombina vzpomína – Colombine Reminisces

Colombina zpíva – Colombine Sings

Harlekýn - Herlequin

Loutové divadlo – Puppet Theatre

Nemocna loutka – The Sick Puppet

Nova loutka – The New Puppet

Ostýchava panenka – The Shy Puppet

Pierrotovo zastaveníčko – Pierrot's Serenade

Ples loutek – Puppet's Ball

Ples loutek (autografní verze) – Puppet's Ball (autograph version)

Pohadka – Fairy-Tale

Tanec loutek – The Puppets' Dance


Valčík sentiment‡lní loutky – Waltz of the Sentimental Puppet

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