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Mendelssohn - Songs Without Words - piano

Mendelssohn - Songs Without Words - piano

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The ABRSM edition of Felix Mendelssohn's complete "Songs Without Words" (Lieder ohne Worte) for solo piano, edited by Stewart MacPherson, 1939. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2023-4 Piano Grade 6 (List B: op.19b no.6) & Grade 7 (List B: op.19 no.1) & Trinity Music Certificate: Piano Advanced (op.38 no.6) & ATCL (G minor, op.53 no.3) & LTCL (op.38 no.5 & / or op.53 no.6)

Songs without Words (48): comprising Book 1 - op.19 (1829-30), Book 2 - op.30 (1833-4), Book 3 - op.38 (1836-7), Book 4 - op.53 (1839-41), Book 5 - op.62 (1842-4), Book 6 - op.67 (1843-5), Book 7 - op.85 (1834-45: published posthumously) & Book 8 - op.102 (1842-5: published posthumously)

op. 19 no.1 in E - Andante con moto

op. 19 no.2 in A minor - Andante espressivo

op. 19 no.3 in A (Jägerlied / Hunting Song) - Molto allegro e vivace

op. 19 no.4 in A - Moderato

op. 19 no.5 in F# minor - Poco agitato

op. 19 no.6 in G minor (Venezianisches Gondellied / Venetian Boat Song) - Andante sostenuto

op. 30 no. 1 in Eb - Andante espressivo

op.30 no.2 in Bb minor - Allegro di molto

op.30 no.3 in E - Adagio non troppo

op.30 no.4 in B minor - Agitato e con fuoco

op.30 no.5 in D - Andante grazioso

op.30 no.6 in F# minor (Venezianisches Gondellied / Venetian Boat Song) - Allegretto tranquillo

op.38 no.1 in Eb - Con moto

op.38 no.2 in C minor - Allegro non troppo

op.38 no.3 in E - Presto e molto vivace

op.38 no.4 in A - Andante

op.38 no.5 in Agitato

op.38 no.6 in Ab (Duetto) - Andante con moto

op.53 no.1 in Ab - Andante con moto

op.53 no.2 in Eb - Allegro non troppo

op.53 no.3 in G minor - Presto agitato

op.53 no.4 in F - Adagio

op.53 no.5 in A minor (Volkslied / Folksong) - Allegro con fuoco

op.53 no.6 in A - Allegro molto vivace

op.62 no.1 in G - Andante espressivo

op.62 no.2 in Bb - Allegro con fuoco

op.62 no.3 in E minor (Trauermarsch / Funeral march) - Andante maestoso


op.62 no.4 in G - Allegro con anima

op.62 no.5 in A minor (Venezianisches Gondellied / Venetian Boat Song) - Andante con moto

op.62 no.6 in A (FrŸhlingslied / Spring Song) - Allegretto grazioso

op.67 no.1 in Eb - Andante

op.67 no.2 in F# minor - Allegro leggiero

op.67 no.3 in Bb - Andante tranquillo

op.67 no.4 in C (Spinnerlied / Spinner's Song / Bee's Wedding) - Presto

op.67 no.5 in B minor - Moderato

op.67 no.6 in E - Allegro non troppo

op.85 no.1 in F - Andante espressivo

op.85 no.2 in A minor - Allegro agitato

op.85 no.3 in Eb - Presto

op.85 no.4 in D - Andante sostenuto

op.85 no.5 in A - Allegretto

op.85 no.6 in Bb - Allegretto con moto

op.102 no.1 in E minor - Andante un poco agitato

op.102 no.2 in D - Adagio

op.102 no.3 in C - Presto

op.102 no.4 in G minor - Un poco agitato, ma andante

op.102 no.5 in A - Allegro vivace

op.102 no.6 in C - Andante

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