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Haydn - Complete Piano Sonatas Band 1b

Haydn - Complete Piano Sonatas Band 1b

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Haydn's complete piano sonatas in the Wiener Urtext edition, ed. Christa Landon with fingering by Oswald Jonas. Volume 1b. Set for ATCL (Sonata 33 in C minor, Hob. XVI/20 or Sonata 31 in Ab Hob. XVI/46), and LTCL (Sonata 29 in Eb Hob. XVI/45).

Sonata 19 in E minor Hob. XVI/47

Sonata 20 in Bb Hob. XVI/18

Sonata 21 in D minor Hob. XVI/2a

Sonata 22 in A Hob. XVI/2b

Sonata 23 in B Hob. XVI/2c

Sonata 24 in Bb Hob. XVI/2d

Sonata 25 in E minor Hob. XVI/2e

Sonata 26 in C Hob. XVI/2g

Sonata 27 in A Hob. XVI/2h

Sonata 28 in D Hob. XVI/5a

Sonata 29 in Eb Hob. XVI/45

Sonata 30 in D major Hob. XVI/19

Sonata 31 in Ab Hob. XVI/46

Sonata 32 in G minor Hob. XVI/44

Sonata 33 in C minor Hob. XVI/20

Sonata 34 in D Hob. XVI/33

Sonata 35 in Ab Hob. XVI/43

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