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Spectrum 3 - 25 international pieces for solo piano

Spectrum 3 - 25 international pieces for solo piano

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25 pieces by 25 composers from 25 different countries, in this collection from ABRSM, compiled by Thalia Myers, 2001: a special commission for some of the finest contemporary composers to write music for Grade 3-7 standard pianists, displaying a huge diversity of styles, with composers taking full advantage of their native roots and folk traditions. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2023-4 Piano Grade 5 (List C: Borisova-Ollas) & Grade 6 (List C: Ruders)

Alvarez, Javier o n mambo (Mexico)

Barry, Gerald – Root Position (Eire)

Bodorova, Sylvie – Carousel (Czech Republic)

Borisova-Ollas, Victoria - Silent Island (Russia)

Cresswell, Lyell – Apteryx (New Zealand)

Glanert, Detlev - Lied im Berg (Germany)

Hakim, Naji – Dumia (Lebanon)

Hallgrimsson, Haflidi – Drymla (Iceland)

Kavallaris, Faidros – Yassemi (Cyprus)

Koh, Joyce Bee Tuan - la pierre magenta (Singapore)

Lazkano, Ramon – Zortziko (Spain)

Lunsqui, Alexandre - tempo absurdo (Brazil)

Numan, Toek – Bergen (Netherlands)

Plakidis, Peteris – Distant Song (Latvia)

Ruders, Poul - Shooting Stars (Denmark)

Sallinen, Aulis - King Lear's Distant War (Finland)

Sculthorpe, Peter – Song for a Penny (Australia)

Sharman, Rodney – Anglo Tango, The (Canada)

Singier, Jean-Marc - Fragments distincts, fouillis d'instants (France)

Tanaka, Karen – Lavender Field (Japan)

Uduman, Sohrab - Still, Suspended (Sri Lanka)

Vir, Param - White Light Chorale (India)

Volans, Kevin - Wrist Rock (South Africa)

Wolfe, Julia – Earring (USA)

Yu, Julian - Yellow Beanleaves (China)

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