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Bass Songs - New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs

Bass Songs - New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs

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The New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs was designed to give a chronological anthology of solo song from the lutenists to the mid 20th century. One volume per voice - soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone & bass, + piano accompaniment. Original-language lyrics, + translated English lyrics where that's NOT the original language...includes online audio access for accompaniments.

BASS: Set for Trinity Examinations 2023 onwards Singing Grade 5 (Group B: Blow or Harty), Grade 7 (Group B: Handel - Droop not, young lover + Group E: Buononcini) & Grade 8 (Group E: Tchaikovsky)

Anon - Down Among the Dead Men (c. 1700): B minor (a-d") & Drinking (Traditional German Trinklied): F (f-d")

Arne - Bacchus, God of Mirth and Wine: Db (ab-eb")

Beethoven - Song of the Flea, The: G minor (c'-d")

Blow - Self-Banished, The: D (a-d")

Brahms - Earth and Sky / Feldeinsamkeit: F (b-eb") & I said, "I will forget thee" / Nicht mehr zu dir zu gehen: D minor (c'-eb")

Buononcini - Love leads to battle / Pupille nere: F (c'-d")

Carissimi - I triumph! I triumph / Vittoria! Vittoria! [Amante Sciolto d'Amore]: A (a-d")

Gounod - Valley, The / Vallon, La: A minor (a-c#")

Handel - Droop not, young lover [Ezio, HWV29]: A minor (g-e") & Love that's True will Live Forever / Si, tra i ceppi [Berenice]: C (b-d")

Harty (arr.) - My Lagan Love: C (bb-eb")

Head - Money, O!: G minor (bb- d")

Hume - Tobacco: Bb minor (bb-db")

Lully - All your shades / Bois pais [Amadis]: D (b-d")

Mendelssohn - I am a roamer: C (f-e")

Mozart - Thoughts at Eventide / Abendempfindung: Db (c'-db")

Purcell - Arise, ye subterranean winds [Tempest, The] Z631: C (e/f-d"), Hear! Ye Gods of Britain [Bonduca]: C minor (g-eb") & Owl is Abroad, The: G (g-d")

Rachmaninoff - By the Grave / Sur la tombe encore fraiche op.21 no.2: E minor (c'-e")

Schubert - Lay of the Imprisoned Huntsman, The / Lied des gefangenen Jägers: C minor (c'-c"), Lime Tree, The / Lindenbaum, Der [Winterreise op.89/D911]: D (a-d") & My Last Abode / Aufenthalt [Schwanengesang]: C minor (g-eb")

Schumann - Last Toast, The / Auf das Trinkglas eines verstorbenen Freundes: Eb (bb-eb") & Two Grenadiers, The / Beiden Grenadiere, Die op.49 no.1: Bb (a-f#")

Strauss, R - Solitary One, The / Einsame, Der: Db (f-c")

Tchaikovsky - To the Forest: D (a-d")

Wood - Ethiopia Saluting the Colours: Ab (ab-db")

TAGS: Singing Grade 7; Singing Grade 8

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