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Tenor Songs - New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs

Tenor Songs - New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs

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The New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs was designed to give a chronological anthology of solo song from the lutenists to the mid 20th century. One volume per voice - soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone & bass, + piano accompaniment. Original-language lyrics, + translated English lyrics where that's NOT the original language....includes access to recorded piano accompaniments online.

TENOR: Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 7 (List A: Arne) & Grade 8 (List C: Elgar) & Trinity Examination 2021-3 Piano Accompanying Grade 7 (Group B: Elgar) + Trinity Music Certificates: Singing Intermediate (Group D: Quilter) & Singing Advanced (Group B: Elgar)

Arne - Under the greenwood tree [ As You Like It]: Eb (c'-g")

Beethoven - Adelaide: Bb (f'-a")

Brahms - Is it bliss, or is it sorrow / Sind es Schmerzen, sind es Freuden [Magelone-Lieder]: Ab (c'-g"), Love Song / Minnelied: D (e'-g"/a") & Reign here a queen within the heart / Wie bist du, meine Kšnigin, op.32: Eb (d'-g")

Bridge - E'en as a lovely flower: G (e'-g")

Caccini - Amarylis / Amarilli, mia bella: A minor (e'-f#")

Elgar - Is she not passing fair: G (f#'-a")

Gurney: Sleep: Bb minor (db'-ab")

Handel - Where e'er you walk [Semele]: Bb (f'-g"), Would you gain the tender creature [Acis & Galatea HWV49b]: F (e'-g") & Ye verdant hills [Susanna HWV66]: B minor (d'-f#")

Loder - Brooklet, The: Gb (db'-f")

Mendelssohn - On wings of song / Auf den Flugeln des Gesanges op.34 no.2: Bb (f'-g")

Pilkington - Rest, sweet nymphs: G minor (g'-f")

Purcell - I'll sail upon the dog star [Fool's Preferment, A]: Bb (c'-g'') & Knotting Song, The (Hears not my Phyllis) Z371: F (f'-g")

Quilter - Now sleeps the crimson petal [Three Songs op.3 - no.2]: Gb (eb'-gb")

Rachmaninoff - Night is mournful / L'ombre est triste: B minor (f#'-f#")

Schubert - Secret, The / Geheimnis: Ab (eb'-ab"), Whither / Wohin [Die Schone Mullerin]: G (d'-f#") & Who is Sylvia? / An Silvia [Two Gentleman of Verona, The]: Bb (f'-g")

Schumann - Moonlight / Mondnacht op.39 no.5: E (e'-f#") & Thou'rt like a lovely flower / Du bist wie eine Blume [Myrten]: Ab (g-f")

Stevens - Sigh no more, ladies [Much Ado about Nothing]: A (e'-f#")

Strauss, R - Winter Dedication, A / Winterweihe: Eb (d'-g")

Tchaikovsky - 'Twas April: Eb (eb'-g")

Vaughan Williams - From far, from eve and morning [On Wenlock Edge]: E (g'-e")

Warlock - As Ever I Saw: Eb (f'-ab")

White - To Mary: Bb (f'-g")

Tags: Singing Grade 7; Singing Grade 8

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